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Buying a monument is not something you do on a regular basis and for many people this would be your first time monument buying experience.


  As monuments can greatly vary in price and design, it is a good starting point to understand the difference between the types of monuments 


Other things to be considered when selecting headstone is your budget and the selected plot.  The section you loved one is in will determine how large the headstone can be.  Different sections within the cemetery vary in their size restrictions and all cemeteries have their own size restrictions. 


Please feel free to contact us or to contact your local cemetery directly to find out this information.  


Procilinate rock - Black granite plaque - Culour inscription

Silver leaf inscription - Double inscription

Horse heads - Copper Leaf

Lawn Marker / Sloper 



Black granite stone with Gold leaf

Headstone & Base


A Headstone  consists of at least of two pieces of stone. Coming in a wide range of shapes and colour, these are one of the most classic grave markers. 


Headstones can be personally inscripted either directly on the stone by sandblasting or by adding a bronze / granite plaque to the stone.    All languages and designs (decorative pictures) can be created, accessories such as crosses added or even have a ceramic photo attached. The options available are only bound by your imagination.



Black Galaxy granite with Silver Leaf inscription

Single Memorial 

A single monument is placed over a single grave site which consists of a minimum of kerbs, base stone and headstone.


A single monument can be covered by a garden bed, granite slab (ledger) or river washed pebbles.


Single Monument designs can greatly vary and it ultimately comes down to personal choice.  


If you have seen something you like, we can use it as a starting point in establishing a design for your memorial. Otherwise we will help you to create a custom beautiful respectful memorial that your loved one deserves.










Double Memorial

A Double Monument covers two single plots.  Double Memorial designs can greatly vary and the design really comes down to personal wishes.  

A Double Monument can be covered by a garden bed, single/ double granite slab (ledger) or river washed rocks.



As granite is a natural product, the shade of a colour can vary.