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Buying a monument is not something you do on a regular basis and for many people this would be your first time monument buying experience.  As monuments can greatly vary in price it is a good starting point to understand the difference between the types of monuments. 


You also need to consider the selected plot and if any cemetry restrictions apply. 





A Headstone  consists of at least of two pieces of stone. Coming in a wide range of shapes and colour, these are one of the most classic grave markers. 


Headstones can be personally inscripted either directly on the stone by sandblasting or by adding a bronze / granite plaque to the stone.    All languages and designs (decorative pictures) can be created, accessories such as crosses added or even have a ceramic photo attached. The options available are only bound by your imagination.


AllstoneNT create a beautiful, unique respectful memorial for your loved ones within your requirements. We stock a range of headstones in our Winnellie showroom

A Single Monument

A single monument is placed over a single grave site which consists of kerbs, base stone and headstone.

A single monument can be covered by a garden bed, granite slab (ledger) or concrete pebbles (chip top).


If you have seen something you like, we can use it as a starting point in establishing a design for your memorial. Otherwise we will help you to create a custom beautiful respectful memorial that your loved one deserves.

A Double Monument

A Double Monument covers two single grave sites or more and consists of kerbs, Base, Headstone.

A Double Monument can be covered by a garden bed, granite slab (ledger) or concrete pebbles (chip top).


Bronze & Granite Plaques


 Bronze & Granite plaques are a great alternative or addition to a monument. A plaque can be used in nearly all circumstances and will stand the test of time. They come in a variety of colours and a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many emblems and designs can be placed on the plaques to reflect one's life or passion.


Plaques can be affixed to granite or Rocks.  AllstoneNT stock a variety of rustic rocks.


Pictures of your loved ones can be incorporated into the design of the plaque - ceramic photos or photos can be cast in bronze with Bronze plaques. We work directly with graphic designers who can turn your vision into reality.



Our headstones and accompanying bases are created to Australian standards and can be built in a variety of sizes, from small to large.   We stock a large range of headstones and Memorials shapes and designs in all colours in our Winnellie showroom.  


If you are looking for a more unique touch, we  provide  inhouse custom shaping services and can design a custom monument which may better suit your memorial needs. We strive to provide clients with a monument which suits their budget as well as their tastes.