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Bronze & Granite plaques are a great alternative or addition to a monument.


A plaque can be used in nearly all circumstances and will stand the test of time. They come in a range of colours and a range of shapes and sizes. Many emblems  (motifs) and designs can be placed on the plaques to reflect one's life or passion.


Plaques can be affixed directly to the stone or rebated into the granite or Rocks to be flush. 


Plaque designs greatly vary starting with a classic simple design with a few lines through to having photos of your loved ones cast in bronze.   Pictures of your loved ones can be incorporated into the design of the plaque.  We work directly with graphic designers who can turn your vision into reality.

Bronze plaques


Choose from our range of bronze plaques to cater for a variety of different purposes such as traditional memorials, indoor ceremonial plaques or signage.


Our bronze range of plaques include


- Standard plaques

- Book plaques

- Designer range


Plaque sizes greatly vary.  The standard sizes which are frequently used - 


 - 380mm x 215mm

 - 380mm x 230mm

 - 380mm x 280mm

  - 560mm x 300mm

 - 865mm x 355mm


Majority of plaques include 8 lines of text and include a border.  Additional lines can be added for a small fee.




Remember your loved one with a classic standard plaque available in a variety of sizes.  Standard plaques can have ceramic photos incorporated into the plaque itself or be added separately to complement the plaque.


Acacia Bluestone - Small Standard design plaque - Rebated into rock

Book Designs


Record a story that can be adjusted.  Bronze book plaques are suitable for two people, to finally rest side by side despite the date in passing.


Book designs can allow for a second page to be added at a later date without the need of replacing the entire plaque


Designer Plaques


These memorials are completely unique, one of a kind, highly detailed work of art.  Select your favourite photos & let them be transformed into a pictorial biography in bronze.


By combining the art of casting and the use of photography, they are reproduced finely detailed photo images on cast bronze plaque.  


Designer plaques are very suitable to be used as a story board

Colours & Borders


The standard background of a plaque is dark brown or light brown. 


Other colours are available at a small cost.