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 AllstoneNT believe a monument isn’t to remember the passing of a loved one, but is more to capture and celebrate a life of a loved one.  

The making of a headstone is a very specialised craft, with the engraving process being one of the most important parts. We offer you our attention to detail and personal understanding to ensure a long standing tribute to your loved one.


AllstoneNT create all inscriptions by hand in our Darwin based workshop.    We take pride in our work and treat every job with respect.   


The inscription on a headstone offers a lasting memorial to the person. Because this inscription is so important, before we undertake sandblasting of the stone, we take you through the preview process.  A preview is a layout of your headstone with the requested wording, graphics and or accessories.  


Black granite stone with Gold leaf

Aboriginal Flag & Torres Strait flag - Colour

Flower design in Gold leaf

Inscription colours vary from Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Copper leaf , Plain etch (Whitish/Grey) or black depending on what will complement the stone colour. 


We only use high quality consumables including 24 ct gold, silver and Copper leaf.


We can create custom silhouette art work designs:

  • Family Totems
  • National flags
  • Personalised Themes – Something that represents them - Favourite footy team, fishing, Footy, Silhouette type pictures

We can organise etched pictures directly onto stone. 


Inscriptions are available in all languages.  



Horse heads - Copper Leaf

Black Galaxy granite with Silver Leaf inscription

An Example of a coloured image of Ninja turtles etched into the stone. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etched into stone


Wanderers Footy Club Darwin - Colour



A variety of fonts can be chosen for the inscription.  AllstoneNT has a large library of fonts to choose from however certain fonts need to be considered in some cases depending on the size and colour of the headstone. 


Put simply - the smaller the text - the less legible the inscription becomes.


Examples of frequently used fonts -